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what is ux ( User experience design) ? Think about the first time you used a particular product. Consider your cellphone, for example. Remember the first time you took it? How much was it weight? Comfortable in your hand? Was it easy to use or did it have complex processes? Was it hot during the game? How many times did he hang out? The set of experiences you have when using a mobile phone makes you decide whether or not to buy the brand the next time.

This explains what makes the UX experience so important.

The user experience makes him or her loyal to your products or services and competitors. The user experience is a major factor in the boom in business and for this reason, a specialty has emerged. In large companies around the world, there is a section on User Experience Design.

UX applies to all products and services, but these days it is more important to design a website. Competition in the internet world is very tough. All sites, whether content-based or online stores are looking to create a fun experience for their audience. This experience converts visitors into a regular customer or audience. We will get to know more about the concept of UX.

What does a user experience designer do?

As I said, the user experience makes you decide whether or not to use your services and products. With this explanation, the task of the UX designer is to find a solution to improve the user experience. To do this, you must look at the product or process from the outside. That is, see it through the eyes of users. It’s now clear what the UX design definition is:

User experience design means evaluating experiences, identifying needs and finding solutions to users’ problems. The purpose is to provide services or products that are useful to users and make them feel welcome.

Consider the browser you are currently using. Probably not much of your browser is Internet Explorer! Why? Any reason that comes to your mind right now is down to poor user experience.

What are UX design elements?

User experience design is a very broad issue and encompasses many different areas. Here are some of the most important areas:

User Research:

 Understanding users need to create a fun experience for users. For this reason, one of the most important parts of user experience design is user research. This is done through surveys, social networking, observing competitor sites, and more.


  This section examines how a product or website is used by users. That is, we need to determine what features are suitable for which users to reach a specific goal.

User Interface or UI:

User Interface or UI: One of the most important components of UX is the user interface. A specialty that deals with human-machine interaction and aims to produce easy-to-use products. The full UI description can be found here.


In this area, you need to make the information in an architecture that is easily accessible to users. For a website, for example, menus are set up to provide the visitor with the least amount of clicks and the least complexity.

Content Strategy:

 The UX designer needs to know what kind of content to publish, when, and how to create a fun user experience.

A user experience designer should be aware of all these areas. Some people, of course, focus on one of these areas and specialize in it.

what is ux ?

We all use websites. We will tell you a set of user behaviors on the UX site. UX stands for User Experience and means user experience
The user experience depends on a variety of factors, including emotions, beliefs, advantages, physical and psychological responses, behaviors before use, at the time of use, and after use.

What Is User Experience Design?

UX Design is simple but complex:  That is, you just have to be careful that none of the user experiences happen without your knowledge. But doing this simple can sometimes be so complicated that even the most professional designers find it difficult to do it. There are two main reasons for this complexity:

We are dealing with complex human behaviors, and these people are far more complex than anyone to make a definitive decision on them.

User experiences are constantly changing, so we come up with new issues every day that require new solutions.

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