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Free SEO consulting is one of the most important activities of Google Web Design. Google Web Design offers free SEO advice for a variety of businesses. Google Web Design has the ability to provide the right solutions for large and small projects in various areas of business by providing professional advice and decision making in the field of SEO and website design by experienced professionals.

Free SEO Consulting

When consulting SEO, it is recommended that you ask the following questions to people who want to do this for you:

Can you show me some of the examples of SEO work you’ve done before?
Can you introduce me to the people you have given SEO advice to?
Do you follow Google Webmaster Tools?
What suggestions do you have for my SEO advice on keywords?
How much experience do you have with my business?
How much do you know about my city or country?
What are the most important techniques you want to use to increase the ranking of my website?
How long do you expect this to take?
The above are just some of the questions that need to be answered in a proper SEO way.

It often happens that different business owners do not know where to start or what strategy to pursue in order to optimize the search engine and be in the top positions of the results or in other words to increase their ranking. To this end, Google Web Design provides free SEO advice to such business owners, providing them with the necessary information and explaining to them what they are doing in this regard, depending on the business ahead. They have to start their work and continue on this path until they reach their goal, what they should do and what they should not do.

With free SEO advice from Google Web Design, choosing the right path is easy

By receiving SEO advice from Google Web Design, people’s information will reach a point where they can make their own decisions and choose the best solution, because the purpose of Google Web Design in providing SEO advice is to make decisions in business owners that can be easily followed. Make a decision. It sometimes happens that people do not have good SEO advice in order to increase the ranking of their website, and instead of increasing their ranking and having a positive trend, it takes a downward trend or does not change at all. One of the things that everyone should pay attention to when increasing their website rankings is that if they don’t have good SEO advice and choose a bad strategy for themselves, their website may be permanently blacklisted. Search or they may temporarily improve their rankings a bit, but after a while there won’t be much progress.

In general, we can say that free SEO advice by Google Web Design includes the following:

Advice on :

  • a website design with SEO principles
  • SEO techniques
  • choosing keywords
  • how long to reach the goal
  • the cost of increasing the ranking of the website